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In recent years, several states have adopted programs to provide funding for stem cell research (including research on human embryonic stem cells). These programs have multiple goals, including supporting science not eligible for federal funding in the United States, improving scientific infrastructure, and fostering economic development in these states.

Existing databases provide public access to information about federal research grants on stem cell research and other fields. Information about state grants, however, is dispersed among many different websites and can be difficult to find. This website contains a searchable database of state stem cell grants designed to improve public understanding of the stem cell research that states have funded and facilitate comparisons of these programs.  Next Page

The database was created as part of larger project on stem cell policy by Dr. Aaron D. Levine (www.aarondlevine.net) in the School of Public Policy (www.spp.gatech.edu) at Georgia Tech. Funding from the Roadmap for an Entrepreneurial Economy Program funded by the Kauffman Foundation and the Georgia Research Alliance is gratefully acknowledged.Go to the database.


TimespanDecember 2005 to October 2010

# of Grants929

Total $ Awarded1,484,377,302.00


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